Fear in childbirth and the Media

My first post of this dedicated ‘Media & Midwifery’ WordPress site. It was established to address issues around the role and influence of the media on societal attitudes and views on pregnancy, childbirth and other issues around new mothers.  This site is hosted by students and staff based at Bournemouth University (UK).   The hosts include members of the Centre for Midwifery, Maternal & Perinatal Health and the Journalism & Communication Academic Group at Bournemouth University.


I would like to highlight our recently published academic paper on the topic: “Is it realistic?” the portrayal of pregnancy and childbirth in the media’.   This publication looked into how the representation of childbirth in the mass media affects childbirth in society as there is evidence to suggest that it can have a negative effect. It is published in BMC Pregnancy & Childbirth, which is an Open Access journal therefore the paper is freely available for anybody across the globe with an internet connection, for access click here.

Prof. Edwin van Teijlingen

Email   evteijlingen@bournemouth.ac.uk

Twitter account:   @EvanTeijlingen

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