Public Engagement

The Media School and CMMPH have hosted a number of public events such as:

Café Scientific – 3rd November 2015

Fear in childbirth: is the media responsible?” – A debate between Dr. Ann Luce and Prof. Edwin van Teijlingen, and Prof. Vanora Hundley on whether the media is responsible for inciting fear about childbirth to the public. The debate touched upon social perceptions and beliefs about childbirth and how they can increase women’s requests for interventions, such as caesarean section- with long-term health implications for mothers and babies.  This month’s Café Scientific explored the role of the mass media in shaping these beliefs and identified whether media portrayals are responsible for rising rates of intervention.

Festival of Learning – 11th June 2014

The media is responsible for creating fear in childbirth.’ – A further debate organised by Prof. Vanora Hundley. Elizabeth Duff from the NCT and HSC Prof. Edwin van Teijlingen (affiliated with the Centre for Midwifery, Maternal & Perinatal Health) argued for the motion, against Joanne Dewberry (independent blogger, journalist and successful business woman) and Dr. Ann Luce (Senior Lecturer in Journalism and Communication at Bournemouth University).